Creating beautiful pictures and documenting memories is amazing, but the best part of my job, is when my clients share their love and sometimes, their vulnerability, with me.. just as their friends and family see it. I’m truly inspired by that. I don’t want to feel like strangers.. I want to capture what’s in your heart and the spaces in-between. 

I hope that while you’re looking around here, you will feel as inspired as I do by these moments in time, that when all put together, creates a life.

If there’s something I want you to know about me right away, it’s that witnessing genuine human interaction is my soul food. 

A couple sharing their first moments alone as Husband and Wife, a child’s ear to ear smile when they run into their mother’s arms, a woman in awe of her body as she holds the belly that is growing a new life inside of her. These moments are what life is about.. and the fact that I get to witness these on a regular basis as a Photographer still leaves me speechless.

I know with all my being that photography is what I was meant to do. My heart tells me so on a daily basis.

Wild brides become my besties!
Denim, sneakers, crazy venues are my favorites!
Let's be wild girls!

A lazy Sunday morning, filled
with cuddles, movies & caramel waffles
are my go to! Anyone?

J Crew, Anthropologie & Madewell are my guilty pleasure!
Could we go shopping together?

My partner in crime, my fan #1, an artist of heart.
Meet Richard, a unique crazy man supporting a girl with a camera on her hands all time.

I’m obsessed with food. Cooking it, eating it, instagramming it.
Yup. I’m THAT person.


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