"I wish you could see how vivid the colors of your soul are"




We just wanted to thank you for your amazing work. You were great with your directions and I’m sure the photos will be great – can’t wait.
Just got a glimpse of one of the photos on Instagram and really thrilled with it .
~Lara & Josh

Kate is amazing! I can't recommend her highly enough. Of all the vendors you chose for your wedding, to me the photographer is one of the most important since the photos last a lifetime. Kate is a true professional, but also an artist. 
Amanda & Josh

“World’s Best Wedding Photographers” by Junebug Weddings...

I’m petite! At barely 5 feet tall, I’m the perfect ninja size for discreetly zipping around at a shoot or wedding, I’m obsessed with food. Artistic by nature, I love home design and also used to be a professional makeup artist...


It's all about celebrating the power of who you are by helping you see the beauty within your soul.


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